Let A.I. find you India's brightest creative professionals

Breezo is a ChatGPT like platform built over Whatsapp that finds the best marketing consultants, photographers, filmmakers, actors, locations,  cameras, etc. for you. Anything you need, just ask Breezo on Whatsapp.

Breezo.ai can help you find the following and more –

Find the best shooting locations for your ad-films, photoshoots, videos and VFx projects

Our network is trusted by the world’s best

Can you help me find a fashion model under Rs 15,000 in Delhi NCR

Breezo.ai is the creative team you never had.

For best results, treat Breezo like your team mate. Breezo will reach out to it’s network of creative freelancers and solve problems for you – just like a collegue would.

  •  Negotiate with multiple suppliers at once
  •  Shortlist and present best options for your brand’s needs
  • Manage progress linked payments

Picturesque locations, handpicked.

Locations that offer great cinematic value, and at great price points

Find Models & Actors, casting made easy.

Finding the perfect looking face for your brand was never this simple. 

Rent Cameras, Grip & Lighting Equipments, etc.

Photography and ad-film production is now easy. Easily rent film or photography equipments you want at affordable rentals.

Loved by E-Commerce Brands

Do you sell products online? Here are a few services you may find useful.

Are you a creative service provider looking to find more work?

Breezo.ai can help photographers, film-makers, actors, studio managers, voice over artists, video editors and animators find more work. Ping us now.

Calling freelance photographers, film-makers, animators, editors