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Aesthetic Photoshoot Studio with 4 Setups & a Curved Cyclorama in Delhi NCR: Versatile Creative Space for Photoshoots, Ad Films, Music Videos and More

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Are you looking for a great location to bring your creative vision to life? Look no further than this aesthetic photoshoot studio with four versatile setups, including a curved cyclorama, nestled in the heart of Delhi NCR. Designed specifically for photographers, filmmakers, musicians, fashion designers, and other creative professionals, this studio offers an ideal environment for all your content production needs.

Studio for film shoots in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, and Noida - Versatile space for creative projects.
This aesthetic photoshoot studio offers four versatile setups, including a curved cyclorama. Perfect for photographers, filmmakers, musicians, fashion designers and other creative professionals. Book Now!

Step into this beautiful daylight studio and experience a world of endless possibilities. With a host of shoot-friendly features and all the amenities you require, it strives to ensure a positive and hassle-free experience for every client. This versatile studio boasts four unique setups that can be innovatively utilized for various projects, such as photoshoots, ad films, music videos, and more.

At the heart of this studio lies the incredible curved cyclorama. This spacious feature is perfect for a wide range of shoots, from smaller product sessions to elaborate automobile productions and everything in between. The cyclorama’s distinctive curvature, from top to bottom, adds depth and dimension to your shots, creating an illusion of grandeur and making any space appear larger, particularly in low-angle shots. It provides the perfect canvas for your creative vision to unfold.

Adjacent to the cyclorama, you’ll find a large window complemented by a stunning white wall, forming a picturesque backdrop for your shoots. This setup captures the natural light beautifully, adding a touch of elegance and versatility to your compositions. Additionally, it offers an enchanting ethnic setup adorned with lovely arches indoors, vibrant walls, and arched windows. For those seeking a more urban aesthetic, our studio provides a sophisticated setup complete with carefully selected props.

At this studio, it is understood that each project is unique and may require customized set designs. That’s why it offers the flexibility to build beautiful bespoke setups tailored to the director’s vision. This shooting location takes pride in being the preferred choice for many renowned brands seeking apparel shoots, product sessions of all scales, fashion shoots, testimonials, ad films, and music videos.

Conveniently located in Delhi NCR, with easy access to Gurgaon and Noida, this cyclorama and photography studio offers the perfect space for your next creative endeavor. Step into a world of endless possibilities and unlock your artistic potential. Book this studio today and let your imagination soar.

I have a much smaller/bigger crew size and shooting requirements? Can you help me get a quote for that?

Sure, we would love to work with you to help you get exactly what you need.

Yes, please note that your setup and packup must be a part of your booking time. You can extend the shooting time on payment of an additional fee unless the end time you've booked happens to be right before another group's booking period.

Sure, drop us a line and we will try to find another property that fits your requirements and budgets.

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  1. Parul Khandelwal
    May 20, 2024

    Superb space! Photographer was also good! Breezo could pull off the project in my budget! Happy client 🙂

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