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Rent a Jimmy Jib Triangle Crane in Delhi NCR

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Breezo help​​s you rent cameras, shooting equipment, photography and studio lights in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida, for all your content creation needs whether it is Films, Cinema, Digital Ads, TV Commercials, Music Videos, Web Series or any other photo or video production.

Rent a Jimmy Jib Triangle Crane in Delhi NCR through, your trusted platform for camera, lens, shooting equipment, and studio light rentals. The Jimmy Jib Triangle Crane boasts proprietary triangular aluminum tubing, combining super rigidity with lightweight design.

Key Features:

  • Modular Design: The crane’s modular design allows for a flexible start, enabling you to begin with a small setup and expand as needed.
  • Impressive Reach: Extend the crane’s reach from 6ft (1.8m) to an incredible 40ft (12m), providing versatility in capturing dynamic shots.
  • Compact Storage: Easily pack the Jimmy Jib Triangle into an incredibly small 3ft10in package, making transportation hassle-free.
  • Simplified Setup: A simple, single cable eliminates the need for a heavy and complicated tie rod system, streamlining the setup process.
  • Versatile Mounting: Mount the head on the top or underslung, offering flexibility in camera positioning.
  • Quick Assembly: Set up quickly with just one tool, saving time and effort on your film or photography shoots.
  • Smooth Pan/Tilt Head: The super-smooth pan/tilt head ensures fast, quiet operation with zero backlash, delivering precise control.
  • Single Post Head Design: The single post head design allows almost unlimited access to the camera, facilitating easy adjustments or changes.
  • Secure Tubing Connection: Proprietary tapered locking system in the tubing helps eliminate flex at the joints, ensuring stability.
  • Internal Cable Routing: Routing the electronic cable internally allows multiple 360-degree rotations without relying on unreliable slip rings.
  • Remote Control: The operator has remote control of pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, and camera start/stop, enhancing control and creativity.
  • Adjustable Ramping: Adjustable ramping automatically cushions pan and tilt movements, providing smooth and controlled shots.
  • AC/DC Operation: The crane supports both AC and DC operation, offering flexibility in different shooting environments.
  • Focus Memory: Two-position focus memory adds convenience to your shooting experience.
  • Variable Speed Control: Variable speed joystick or crank wheel pan/tilt control with sensitivity adjustment for precise movements.
  • Quiet Drive Gear Motors: Quiet drive gear motors are fast, have no backlash, and operate virtually silently, ensuring a professional filming environment.
  • Extended Pan Rotation: Unique internal head cables allow over 600 degrees of pan rotation without relying on unreliable slip rings.
  • Lens Compatibility: Operates with most video and film lenses, providing compatibility with your preferred equipment.
  • Accurate Focus Motor: Super smooth and accurate focus motor enhances the quality of your shots.
  • Battery Pack: The crane includes an eight-amp hour battery pack with a charger and LED bar graph, ensuring continuous operation.

Rent the Jimmy Jib Triangle Crane now on and elevate your filmmaking and photography experience in Delhi NCR with this cutting-edge equipment.

Lightman, gaffer, electrician and transportation is mandatorily required for all cameras, shooting equipment, photography and studio light rentals in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida. The same will be charged over and above the charges of equipment’s rented. Pick up option is also available with a security deposit. Just hit ‘Talk to Breezo’ now & get started!

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  1. Aryan Gupta
    May 11, 2024

    Used this for a shoot. Hiring it again. Had a smooth experience here.

  2. Kim D’Souza
    May 20, 2024

    Good service

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