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Rent ARRI LF in Delhi NCR

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Service Description

Breezo help​​s you rent cameras, shooting equipment, photography and studio lights in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida, for all your content creation needs whether it is Films, Cinema, Digital Ads, TV Commercials, Music Videos, Web Series or any other photo or video production.

Key Features

  • Large-Format 4448 x 3096 Sensor
  • Native 4K Recording in ARRIRAW & ProRes
  • Large-Format Optimized LPL Lens Mount
  • Open Gate, 16:9 & 2.39:1 Anamorphic Mode
  • Native 800 ASA, 14+ Stops Dynamic Range
  • Array of ARRIRAW & ProRes Capture Modes
  • Same Wireless Features as ALEXA SXT W
  • Includes WVR-1 Wireless Video Receiver
  • Works with Existing ALEXA Components
  • Internal ND Filter Holder

Discover the epitome of filmmaking technology with the ARRI ALEXA LF (LPL) Basic Camera Set, now available for rent in Delhi NCR on This exclusive set is designed to elevate your filmmaking experience, offering unparalleled image quality and advanced features.

Large Full-Frame Sensor with Three Operating Modes: Experience versatility with the ALEXA LF’s large-format sensor, providing three recording modes: 4448 x 3096 Open Gate, 3840 x 2160 16:9, and 4448 x 1856 2.39:1 anamorphic. This flexibility ensures your creative vision is brought to life with cinematic precision.

Native 4K Recording with ALEXA Image Quality: Capture vivid and nuanced images with natural-looking skin tones in native 4K. The ALEXA LF’s colorimetry is HDR and WCG compatible, delivering a subtle, immersive look for your film projects.

Array of Recording Choices: Tailor your recording experience with an array of options. From 90 fps ARRIRAW to 40 fps ProRes 4444 XQ in LF Open Gate to 150 fps ARRIRAW to 60 fps ProRes 4444 XQ in LF 2.39:1 anamorphic, the ALEXA LF provides flexibility for various shooting scenarios.

Wide Exposure Latitude: Benefit from a base sensitivity of ASA 800, reduced noise, and a dynamic range of 14+, perfectly aligning with HDR workflows and ensuring impeccable image quality.

New LPL Lens Mount: The ALEXA LF features the new LPL lens mount, specifically designed for large-format sensors. With a wider diameter and shorter flange focal depth, LPL-mount lenses become smaller and lighter, providing enhanced mobility without compromising optical performance.

ARRI Signature Primes: Explore the world of filmmaking with a range of 16 large-format, LPL-mount Signature Prime lenses, ranging from 12 to 280mm. These lenses deliver natural skin tones, smooth bokeh, and an organically pleasing look, complemented by ARRI’s advanced LDS-2 lens metadata system.

Compatible with PL Lenses, ALEXA Accessories & Workflow Tools: Integrate the ALEXA LF seamlessly with existing ALEXA-compatible lenses, accessories, and workflows. The camera supports your favorite ARRI Look files and software tools, ensuring a smooth transition into large-format cinematography.

Same Wireless Connectivity as the ALEXA SXT W: Experience the convenience of integrated Wi-Fi and wireless video transmitter, akin to the ALEXA SXT W. The ALEXA LF comes with the same wireless features, promoting quick compatibility with the included WVR-1 wireless video receiver and various ARRI ECS components.

Image Processing and Internal ND Filter: Engage in sophisticated image processing with internal 16-bit linear processing in full ALEXA Wide Gamut/Log C color space. The internal ND filter holder allows manual insertion of one of eight Large Format Full Spectrum Neutral Density (LF FSND) filters, providing dynamic control over exposure.

Playback: Effortlessly play back your ARRIRAW or ProRes clips from the ALEXA LF, enhancing your workflow and enabling quick review of your cinematic masterpieces.

Rent the ARRI ALEXA LF Basic Camera Set on and embark on a filmmaking journey where every frame is a masterpiece. Elevate your storytelling with this cinematic powerhouse, now available for hassle-free rentals in Delhi NCR.

Lightman, gaffer, electrician and transportation is mandatorily required for all cameras, shooting equipment, photography and studio light rentals in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida. The same will be charged over and above the charges of equipment’s rented. Pick up option is also available with a security deposit. Just hit ‘Talk to Breezo’ now & get started!

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