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Rent Black Magic With Cp.3 Lens Kit in Delhi NCR

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Breezo help​​s you rent cameras, shooting equipment, photography and studio lights in Delhi NCR for all your content creation needs whether it is Films, Cinema, Digital Ads, TV Commercials, Music Videos, Web Series or any other photo or video production., your premier platform for Camera and Shooting Equipment rentals in Delhi NCR, brings you the Blackmagic Pocket Cam 4K. Key features include:

Micro 4/3, 18.95 × 10mm, CMOS sensor

13 stops of dynamic range

DCI 4K capture to RAW and ProRes

Records to CFast 2.0, SD UHS-II, & external USB-C drives

Capture Stunning DCI 4K Images:

Unlock the potential of the Blackmagic Pocket Cam 4K, a precursor to the BMPCC 6K, offering unparalleled DCI 4K image capture in both RAW and ProRes 422 formats. Seamlessly rent your creative gear from our extensive collection of cameras and shooting equipment. Record your artistic endeavors to CFast 2.0, SD, and external USB-C drives, all available for convenient rental through

Enhanced M4/3 DCI 4K Sensor:

Experience Blackmagic’s commitment to improvement with the upgraded M4/3 DCI 4K sensor. This larger, higher-resolution sensor elevates your shooting capabilities, supporting DCI 4K capture up to 60p in 12-bit Blackmagic RAW. Additionally, explore a variety of 10-bit ProRes 422 options, with frame rates extendable to 120 fps in cropped 1080p. offers hassle-free rentals of the latest cameras and shooting equipment to amplify your production quality in Delhi NCR.

Dual ISO Sensitivity:

Navigate low-light scenarios with ease, courtesy of the dual ISO sensitivity feature. This innovation, coupled with an increase in sensor size, enhances low-light sensitivity, allowing users to modify the camera’s native ISO and reduce noise at higher sensitivities. The BMPCC 4K’s ISO range extends impressively up to ISO 25,600. Ensure you have the right tools for your project by opting for our seamless rental services for top-notch cameras and shooting equipment in Delhi NCR through

Micro 4/3 Lens Compatibility:

Enjoy flexibility in lens choices with the active micro four-thirds lens mount. This feature ensures compatibility with a wide array of lenses from renowned manufacturers like Panasonic and Olympus. Leverage existing adapters to expand your options, enabling the use of EF lenses, PL lenses, C-mount lenses, and more. makes it easy to access a diverse range of cameras and shooting equipment for rent in Delhi NCR to cater to your unique project requirements.

High Battery and Media Demands:

Addressing the demands of high-resolution content creation, the BMPCC 4K supports CFast 2.0 and SD UHS-II for capturing 4K/60 RAW files. However, be mindful of the trade-off, as this format offers approximately 7 minutes of recording time per 256GB. Opt for external USB-C drives to extend your record times with a more cost-effective per gigabyte ratio. Power your creative sessions with common Canon LP-E6 or LP-E6n batteries, but take note that a fully charged battery lasts around one hour. Plan your power and memory needs meticulously for uninterrupted shooting. Explore our vast inventory of cameras and shooting equipment available for rent in Delhi NCR through

Additional Features:

The Blackmagic Pocket Cam 4K boasts a user-friendly 5″ touchscreen monitor for convenient control. External video monitoring is facilitated through the full-size HDMI port. Furthermore, the camera offers high-quality audio input and 48V phantom power to microphones via its mini XLR input. If you choose to use professional microphones, be aware that an XLR female to mini XLR adapter cable is required, and this is not included with the rental. These features collectively enhance your shooting experience, providing both versatility and control. 

Rent the Blackmagic Pocket Cam 4K from, your trusted partner for cameras and shooting equipment rentals in Delhi NCR.

CP.3 Lens Kit Includes-
Zeiss Compact Prime CP.3- 15 mm/T2.9
Zeiss Compact Prime CP.3- 25 mm/T2.1
Zeiss Compact Prime CP.3- 35 mm/T2.1
Zeiss Compact Prime CP.3- 50 mm/T2.1
Zeiss Compact Prime CP.3- 85 mm/T2.1

Lightmen, gaffer, electrician and transporation is mandatorily required for all cameras, shooting equipment, photography and studio light rentals in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida. The same will be charged over and above the charges of equipments rented. Pick up option is also available with a security deposit. Just hit ‘Talk to Breezo’ now & get started!


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