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Rent SOONWELL FB-408 (4×0.8 ft) Flex Bi-Color LED Light in Delhi NCR

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Breezo help​​s you rent cameras, shooting equipment, photography and studio lights in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida, for all your content creation needs whether it is Films, Cinema, Digital Ads, TV Commercials, Music Videos, Web Series or any other photo or video production.

Rent the SOONWELL FB-408 (4×0.8 ft) Flex Bi-Color LED Light in Delhi NCR on Breezo. Features include:

  • Flexible & Lightweight Design: Easy to shape for an adjustable 360° light spread. It rolls up effortlessly to fit into tight-space bags for travel, transport, and storage on Breezo in Delhi NCR.
  • Powerful LED Chips & High CRI: Built with potent LED chips boasting a high CRI of 95-98, suitable for various shooting equipment, photography, and studio lights needs.
  • Light-Wall & Channel Control Design: Join multiple light mats to create a “light wall”. You can control individual or multiple lights by setting up different or the same channels in the controller.
  • Minimum Heat & Rainproof Design: Generates minimal heat, allowing for extended working hours. The rainproof design facilitates shooting in the rain, addressing diverse shooting equipment requirements.
  • Two-Way Power Source: Rent this light, and it can be powered by AC110V-240V or a SOONWELL V-mount battery, both accessible on Breezo in Delhi NCR for photography and studio lights.
  • Flexible Design for Creative Lighting: Twist and roll the LED panel into various forms, such as cylinders or arcs, for versatile usage in different photography scenarios, meeting your diverse shooting equipment needs.
  • Bi-Color & Dimmable High CRI / TLCI SMDs: The fixture uses 2-in-1 bi-color SMD chips, allowing adjustable color temperature from 3000K to 5600K and dimmability from 100% to 10%, providing excellent general fill lights with a CRI of 95Ra.


  • Model: FB-408
  • Power: 100W
  • CRI: 95-98
  • CCT: 3000-5600K
  • Light Angle: 10° – 360°
  • Dimming: 0-100%
  • Dimension: 121 x 24cm / 4 x 0.8ft
  • Light Weight: 0.52KG (1.15lb)
  • AC Adaptor 7A: 0.47KG (1.04lb)
  • Kit Weight: 2.3KG (5.07lb)
  • LEDs: 504pcs
  • Lux: 0.5M: 7980; 1M: 2960; 2M: 933
  • Control Mode: Touch Screen, Turning knob, DMX, 2.4G remote/RC-3T
  • Footcandles: 0.5M: 742; 1M: 275; 2M: 87
  • Power Source: 100-240V AC or DC-15V 5A
  • Operating Voltage: DC-15V 7A
  • Dimmer Input: 12V to 30V
  • Power Unit: Automatic Voltage 90V–260V
  • Certification: CE RoHS
  • 2.4G: wireless remote control (The remote not included)

Rent this flexible and rainproof LED light now on Breezo in Delhi NCR for your photography and studio lights requirements.

Lightman, gaffer, electrician and transportation is mandatorily required for all cameras, shooting equipment, photography and studio light rentals in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida. The same will be charged over and above the charges of equipment’s rented. Pick up option is also available with a security deposit. Just hit ‘Talk to Breezo’ now & get started!

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