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Rustic Farmhouse with Exposed Brick Walls, Grand Courtyard, Sizeable Pool for Film Shoots in Delhi NCR

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Step into a truly extraordinary farmhouse that effortlessly blends rustic charm with modern elegance, creating an ideal location for your next photoshoot, ad film, or web series. This unique farmhouse features exposed red brick walls in both, its captivating facade as well as its enchanting interiors, offering a visually stunning backdrop that is sure to captivate your audience.

Upon arrival, a picturesque pathway leads you to a cozy seating area followed by a striking medieval gate at the entrance of the house. As you explore further, you’ll discover a beautiful courtyard at the heart of the house, accompanied by spacious corridors that exude a sense of grandeur. The dining room is a true delight, boasting double-height ceilings and adorned with stunning arched windows that bathe the space in natural light. The interiors are thoughtfully designed with quirky and vibrant elements that perfectly complement the rustic walls, adding a touch of contemporary flair to the overall ambiance.

Rustic farmhouse for film shoots in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, and Noida with industrial charm and beautiful interiors.
Step into the rustic charm of our farmhouse in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, and Noida. The unique blend of industrial architecture, historical interiors, and vibrant details create a stunning backdrop for your film shoots. Experience the magic that awaits in this picturesque location.

A highlight of this farmhouse is the magnificent and oversized pool, complete with a charming patio area. Imagine the possibilities of capturing awe-inspiring shots by the water’s edge, creating breathtaking scenes that will elevate your project to new heights. The sprawling, meticulously landscaped lawn, featuring majestic tall trees and immaculate grass, serves as an exquisite backdrop for your shoot. The surrounding area of the property is a haven of lush greenery and serenity, enhancing the overall atmosphere and providing a tranquil setting for your creative endeavors.

This farmhouse is a perfect location for shoots with multiple setups, thanks to its spacious layout and versatile features. Whether you desire a rustic, industrial aesthetic or seek to recreate a historical era, the exposed red brick walls lend character and depth to your visuals. With ample room for creativity and exploration, this farmhouse invites you to bring your vision to life in a truly remarkable setting.

Conveniently situated in the Delhi NCR region, this farmhouse is easily accessible from Gurgaon and Noida, making it an ideal choice for filmmakers and photographers seeking a stunning film shooting location. Its distinct charm and captivating aesthetics set it apart from conventional venues, offering a refreshing and inspiring backdrop for your creative endeavors.

Do not miss the opportunity to capture breathtaking shots in this hidden gem, where rustic and historical architecture intertwine. Book this farmhouse now and immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance that will elevate your visuals to new heights.

Contact us today to secure your booking and experience the magic of this exceptional farmhouse for film shoots planned in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, or Noida, a location where timeless charm meets contemporary creativity.

I have a much smaller/bigger crew size and shooting requirements? Can you help me get a quote for that?

Sure, we would love to work with you to help you get exactly what you need.

Yes, please note that your setup and packup must be a part of your booking time. You can extend the shooting time on payment of an additional fee unless the end time you've booked happens to be right before another group's booking period.

Sure, drop us a line and we will try to find another property that fits your requirements and budgets.

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  1. Rahul
    November 24, 2023

    Great experience working with Breezo. The Farmhouse was a great shooting location!

  2. Aarav Patel
    May 10, 2024

    Gorgeous farmhouse. Absolutely stunning backdrop for our latest photoshoot! The rustic charm of this farmhouse added a whole new dimension to our images.

  3. Rohan Khanna
    May 10, 2024

    A hidden gem for photographers! Breezo’s staff is so accommodating and they made sure we had everything we needed for a successful shoot.

  4. Vikram Gupta
    May 10, 2024

    This farmhouse has so much character! It’s like stepping into a storybook setting.

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