Nokia’s Trailblazing Tech Journey: From Paper Mills to 5G

Nokia: Resilience Redefined- From Phones to Moon Missions
Nokia, originally a Finnish paper mill founded in 1865, transformed into a global tech giant known for resilience and reinvention. Emerging in the 1980s in telecommunications, Nokia soared with iconic mobiles like the Nokia 3310. However, challenges arose with the smartphone era, leading to a partnership with Microsoft in 2011. After Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile division in 2014, Nokia pivoted to focus on networks and 5G technology. Embracing AI, IoT, and cloud computing, Nokia now collaborates with tech leaders like Google and AWS, emphasizing sustainability through initiatives like “People & Planet Positive.” Nokia’s journey epitomizes adaptation and innovation in tech.

Now, Nokia leads in space communications too. Partnering with NASA and others, Nokia is deploying a lunar cellular network for future missions. This innovation shows Nokia’s commitment to pushing boundaries in technology and space exploration.

Resource 1: Nokia's Tech Journey

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